Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann) is a talented, young German filmmaker, living in London, grappling with the pressures of an impoverished profession and a dissolving relationship. While Damon struggles to pay the bills, his dreams are clouded by a string of uninspiring corporate jobs. One routine assignment will change his life, though, as Damon is introduced to Professor Richards (Steve Nallon), an astrophysicist involved in the disturbing research into Near-Earth Objects.


Damon takes a keen interest in the danger posed by asteroids to the Earth, and believes he has finally discovered the ideal subject for a documentary. His interest quickly turns into an obsession however, as Damon delves ever deeper into his research, to the increasing distress of his newly pregnant girlfriend Ann (Dolly-Ann Osterloh) and his filmmaking partner Michael (Steven Cree).