Grigorij Richters founded Films United in New York in 2009. The company’s mission is to unite the world through film by creating a community of talented individuals from all filmmaking disciplines, from writers to editors, actors to camera operators. Films United provides a platform for people to develop their craft, learn from their peers and gain practical experience on film sets, and has been integral to all of my projects.

Opening Ceremony UEFA Champions League Final 2013

Films United were hired by UEFA to film the Opening Ceremony which was directed by Hamish Jenkinson and Jonny Grant. Films United produced three videos. The official Opening Ceremony Film, a Behind-the-scenes film and "Stephen's Story", a short documentary following terminally ill 18 year old Stephen Sutton on his way to the Opening Ceremony.


The Old Vic Tunnels

Films United are the Filmmakers in residence at Kevin Spacey’s The Old Vic Tunnels. They have been in charge of producing various films for The Old Vic Tunnels and their clients which include: The Clinton Foundation, Veuve Clicquot and George Watsky among many others. They have also been in charge of The Old Vic Tunnels Social Media, designing/optimising and managing their Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter and Tumblr.


The Kevin Spacey Foundation

Films United have been involved in Social Media for The Kevin Spacey Foundation since late 2011. One of their main tasks has been to design and manage the Youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter.  Films United have also been managing some of his personal social media and consulted on his personal website which was launched in early 2014.