Asteroid Day Foundation

It started with the idea for a film and the realisation that the world is going to end, not with a whimper, but with an almighty bang. This single realisation lead to the creation of a groundbreaking film and the launch of a global awareness-raising initiative supported by the brightest minds in the world today. 

Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for legendary rock band Queen, was captivated by the subject matter and agreed to provide the soundtrack for the film. Once the film was finished, Brian suggested that I screen the film at Starmus Festival in Tenerife, an annual astronomy related event combining science, art and music. 51º North was met with acclaim and inspired myself, Brian and some of the most notable names in science to propose the idea of a day dedicated to raising awareness of the asteroid threat around the world.

The proposal for Asteroid Day quickly gained momentum, attracting widespread media interest and garnering the signatures and support of luminaries such as scientists Lord Martin ReesRichard Dawkins and Bill Nye; musicians May and Peter Gabriel; astronauts Chris Hadfield and Anousheh Ansari, among many others.