We (FILMS UNITED) believe that Crowd Distribution is the future of INDIE film distribution. Why? 

Benefits of Crowd Distribution:

1. Revolutionising the movie industry

Times are changing. Many within the filmindustry still pretend that the internet is a fad when it comes to distribution, and believe that the most effective way people can be reached is via traditional means, in theatres.

2. Eliminating digital piracy

Pirating a film doesn’t help anyone. It hurts the film industry and both parties who take part in this (the person offering the film illegally and the person downloading the file) act outside the law. Our platform eliminates this by incentivising all parties. The audience - or crowd - earns a fair share from the film’s profits, eliminating the appeal of piracy - and the creative party get their film circulated bypassing the need for a traditional distributor.

3. Cutting out the middleman

There is nothing wrong with Hollywood studios. If you are lucky enough to be a part of the system then you will receive massive exposure across the media. However, this is a very rigid and at times restrictive system. Crowd Distribution aims to change this and allow creators and audiences to distribute and market films independently.

4. Empowering your audience

For the audience it is quick, easy and straightforward. Sign-up, share and start earning.

5. Creating a connection between artist and audience

Allowing your audience to become part of the process will help reverse the separation filmmakers feel from their fans, helping to create a strong and long lasting relationship.