Sell Tickets for 51 Degrees

Films United will self-release the movie 51 Degrees across UK Cinemas in early 2015. Sign up now and earn up to 25% per ticket sale!

Dear Film Enthusiast,

I am thrilled to announce that after four years in the making, 51 DEGREES is finally set to release in early 2015! It was always a dream of mine to bring this movie to Cinemas and that's exactly what we will be doing! Here is how you can get involved, earn money and help revolutionise the film industry:

Pre-selling tickets will begin in October 2014. We've setup an easy-to-use tool which will let you earn up to 25% each time you sell a movie ticket. Only a limited number of sign ups - so hurry and fill out the form below and earn extra by recommending friends!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Thank you!

Grigorij Richters - Director

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