{W!F} Funny Happy New Year Jokes SMS Messages For Facebook & WhatsApp 2016

{W!F} Funny Happy New Year Jokes SMS Messages For Facebook & WhatsApp 2016It is not always necessary to send those inspirational and thoughtful messages on every New Year. New Year is meant to be joyful and happy. So it is always important to share some laughs on the New Year to carry the same entusiasm and joy through out the year. It is almost the end of 2015 and you must be thinking of passing on some pranks and jokes to your friends on this New Year 2016.

Of course you can and here we are with some of the funny Happy New Year Joke SMS Messages which you can also share via Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Check out the following messages and wishes and just copy paste them to your personal messages to your friends, family and relatives.

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Happy New Year Jokes For Facebook

So Here are The most funny Happy New Year 2016 SMS Messages For Facebook and Whatsapp:


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, George Clooney & ME! All the famous wish you a very Happy New Year!


I sincerely wish you overcome your fear of cockroaches this new year. Happy New Year 2016!


Last year was so much fun but I know this year is going to be even better. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year friend. I hope you saved some champagne because I’m going to need some drinks all year.


I wish you finally learn how to use your Smartphone properly this New Year.


Another year filled with sweet memories and joyous times has passed. You have made my year very special, and I wish for you to continue to do so. With you around, every moment is a special occasion for me. I hope you have a great year ahead. May God bless my love with his care and warmth. I love you, and wish you a very Happy New Year.


Now, in the New Year, we look back upon warm memories. You’ve had a hand in every wonderfully warm memory I have, Mom. Happy New Year, Mom.


Last year, I have been so stubborn and bad.
I caused you so much pain and hurt.
This year, I want you to know that I will never change.
I will stay the same. Happy New Year!


I hope that this New Year, I will be with a woman other than you.
I am tired to be your boyfriend.
I think I want to try being your husband instead.


They say pain and tears help one to be stronger,
So I am wishing you more tears and pain.
For you to become even stronger than last year.
Happy New Year!


My New Year’s Resolution:
Greet all those people who made me crazy this year!
You are one of them.
Don’t get me wrong, you just made my life worth living.
Happy New Year!

Funny Happy New Year SMS & Messages For WhatsApp

I may have loved you less, cared for you less, and given you less.
Do not worry my prayers for you are also less.
Happy New Year!


This year,
Less complaining, more blessings
Less keeping, more sharing
Have a meaningful and blessed New Year ahead!


It’s New Year’s Day once again,
Time to make resolutions and promises again.
I’m just hoping that after all the writin’
The resolutions won’t be in vain.


They say pain and tears help one to be stronger,
So I am wishing you more tears and pain.
For you to become even stronger than last year.
Happy New Year!


It’s New Year’s Eve!
Time for fireworks and treats
Just be careful though,
Be safe or you’ll lose a finger or two.
Have a wonderful new year!


A glass of water
A bottle of beer
Let’s get ready
And start the New Year’s party!


Some people don’t like New Year that much.
Because they have to make resolutions they will break a week after.
Happy New Year!


May New Year makes you realize to stop being a black sheep of this family and start to be a dove that brings peace.


My New Year’s resolution is to eat less so that I can be sexier.
But whenever I see your fat body, I guess I am already successful with my resolution so I won’t do it anymore.
Happy New Year to you!

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Here are the best and top most Happy New Year Jokes SMS Messages which you can share with your friends, cousins, relatives and family on this new year to spread some laughs and happiness.

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