{Latest*} Dilwale Box Office Collection: 1st Day Income Business Public Response

{Latest*} Dilwale Box Office Collection: 1st Day Income Business Public Response: For the seventh time, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan are pairing up for a movie. It has been around 20 years that we saw both of them together for the first time and it has been magical ever since then. All the six movies they worked on together have been Super Hits. 50 year old Shah Rukh Khan and 41 year old Kajol are now paired up to work in the upcoming movie Dilwale which is directed by Rohit Shetty.

Dilwale 1st Day Collection: 22 Cr

Dilwale 2nd Day Collection: 25 Cr+

Dilwale Box Office Collection Report

Dilwale Movie Poster

The movie also has Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon as the other lead pair. The trailers, songs and the music album of Dilwale, everything is absolutely magical and the movie is going to be released on December 18th, 2015 across as many as 2000-2500 theatres across the world. The movie is so far one of the biggest film of 2015 which will mostly be the last big release of this year.

Dilwale is made with a whopping budget of 70-80Cr and is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment by Gauri Khan. Rohit Shetty also co-produced Dilwale. There are a few reasons why we believe Dilwale can just cross the Box Office Collections records set by Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Reasons Why Dilwale Can Be The Best At The Box Office Collections:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan- Kajol: After a long time, Shah Rukh and Kajol are working together. We all know how fans are crazy about their chemistry. The songs from the movie Gerua and Janam Janam are getting viral on youtube as they are recreating the magic.
  2. Rohit Shetty: We all know that Rohit Shetty movies are meant for entertainment and Dilwale is a complete package of entertainment if we see the trailer. It has love, it has romance, it has lots of action and it has many cars flying in the sky. What else can we expect for? We sure remember the storm Chennai Express took by.
  3. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon: The fresh pair who will be seen parallely along with Shah Rukh and Kajol are a treat to watch. We saw the fun they created in the song Manma Emotion Jaage and we just cant wait to watch the movie.
  4. The music: Pritham Chakraborthy composed the music of Dilwale and it is absolutely soothing. The songs from the movie like Gerua and Janam Janam are amazing and have unique tunes which are very catchy and magical.
  5. The love factor: Though Rohit Shetty’s movies are full of action and cars flying in the sky, the love factor in Dilwale between the lead pairs is absolutely something we all are looking forward to watch.


We have five reasons why Dilwale can just become the next blockbuster, we also have a few fears. The movie will surely become a commercial success but to become a critical one, it has to be better than Bajirao Masthani which is releasing on the same day. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial has Raneer Singh and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles. Priyanka Chopra also appeared as another female lead.

Here are some of the tweets about Dilwale:

Talking about the film, Kajol said, “I always have a great time working with Shah Rukh. He is so much fun as an actor and personally too he is just great so he is wonderful to work with. We have been friends for like ever and so it’s very comfortable working with him..I also loved the script and my character in the film, and of course I am very comfortable working with Rohit (Shetty). I had a great time shooting just like I had expected!”

Dilwale 1st Day Box Office Collection and Bollywood Business:

The first day of Dilwale is going to be very big. The movie will easily make a pre-release business of 70-80Cr with the satellite rights and advance bookings in India as well as overseas. The first day collections are expected to be around 40-45Cr. Shah Rukh’s 2014 film Happy New Year made a whopping 40Cr on the first day so Dilwale may just beat the mark. The movie will easily get to the 100Cr mark by the end of three days.

Dilwale 2nd Day Collections :

After five years, Shah Rukh and Kajol came together to work on this film. They earlier appeared in movies like Bazighar, Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham and My Name Is Khan.

Dilwale movie second-day collections would make Rs 20-25 crores, it is the weekend so we can expect few bugs on this day.



Watch the trailer of Dilwale here:


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  1. This Dilwale will surely the biggest flick of Bollywood……

  2. First day 40cr

    1. 10cr aur add kar lo bhai.

    2. only 22 cr

    3. Abhi gandu 200cr first day collection tu ginle.
      2015 ki sabse faltu film

      1. kon ho tum?????2015 me sab se faltu larka tum……okkkk

        1. Tum to is century ki sabse faltu ho ……

          1. Sala kuta hai etni bakwas film bania

        2. you are sure.I support you

        3. mujay choro apni socho….

        4. Sabse faltu se kya MATLAB h…..

  3. Record Breaking Movie may collect more than 350 Cr. in India & 800 Cr. total worldwide.

    1. 8000 Cr likho very boring film..

      No story.

      No acting

      1. Super duper flop movie

        1. Super dupet hit movie dekhtay joo hota hay kya

      2. Damn bro don’t you understand the movieeeee how could you!!!!!Domey

    2. यहाँ कमेंट कर रहे लोंडे अपने DNA का टेस्ट जरूर करवाओ

      1. tune kara liya hai…

      2. Ager Aapne karaliya hoga DNA test to hamare yaha ka 1ladka khogaya tha , ho sakta h wo tum Hi ho .plz replied me your DNA

      3. pehle tumhara karwavo

        1. zakhir aur mojahid ka to ho hi nahi sakta… dna test to insanoo ka hota hai… aur inki toh prajaati hi suspicious haI… inn jaiso toh sala inke gharwalon ne khulla kyun chod dia internet pe… inko toh baandh k rakhna chahiye, they r dangerous to internet and world.

    3. lol…thanks for the good joke. You should try your hand at stand up comedy

    4. oh sapne dekhna band kar

    5. gandu budject recover kar le kafi hai

  4. can,t break the record of bajrangi bahijan i suggest it..
    one think more is that also releasing another movie on that day..

    1. SRK ilove you 500c® jada ho dua karta hu

      1. salman bhai ka FAN hu

        1st only
        30 to 35cr


        1. Yes…30-35cr

          1. Thanks to #Rohit_Shetty for making a awesome successful movies the end of the year…where the important character is @imsrk is undescribed Love ❤ srk love ❤ team dilwale

        1. Faltu thu sala

      2. abe 500 cr mein se tuje 1 rs dega kya srk ?

      3. marwa lea sharukh sea mullu

  5. we all the srkians are definitely going to watch dilwale, in the oppening day. The film will create history.

    1. The utter flop history

      1. Keep burning haters 😘
        Be Silent during his success, if u were absent during his struggle..
        Plz Plz plz keep hating srk cuz it makes him more strong..

        1. Dilwale ko bajirao maar diya warna sabse jeyada hit karta

        2. Srk nehi khilata tera baap khilata hain strong tera baap hain Jo there jaise namakool ko palke rakha hain. Srk Kay ghar jaa akbaar vikhari bolk jhotaa mare gaa tereko

          Jo pausa kamay ga Pakistan main veje gaa

      2. I now its very folf movie

    2. Tum bhi history create kro uske sath

    3. Flop me history hogye

      1. Vai itna gussa nehi karte ..kamal ka vai…lol

    4. LOl
      big Joke of 2015

    5. Wt happen to rohith and sharukh choose tthis type of movie very bad

  6. first day 45 crore nd 135 crore in weekned….

  7. dilwale rocke first day 45 carore

    1. 450cr likh .
      Collection calculate 1 week ago.

  8. Dilwale will be a big movie of srk and dilwale first day collection 50 cr approx

  9. I am sure this movie will collect 40 cr. Of opening day.

  10. fist day 50 se 55 cr

  11. Dilwale gonna be the first ever in bollywood in order to collection of the opening day….

  12. The movie will Blockbusterous…….. SRK is the king of Blockbuster… Firts day collection will be more than 45 cr. And total will be more than 900 cr worldwide….

    1. Bhosdike tum bol to aise rahe jaise 900 crore kuch hote nahi h chutiya bhosdi wala

  13. third class movie

      1. Jakar dekh le dhabbe

    1. Ist class movie

    2. No dont say like this. We love shahrukh khan n movie will b superb from pakistan

      1. Srk कि में मेरा लण्ड ओर उसकी बेटी में भी

    3. To first class movie kon hai tu bana le first class movie

      1. Srk my best actor

    4. Ye hui na baat ab ki sabse flop movie.. ….

      1. teri maa ki

        1. srk is awsome…..he is the best
          salman khan is his gand…..

  14. Total business 1000 CR.

    1. bakbas fake id

  15. Shah rukh sir all the best am sure @Dilwale block master movie rocking srksir

    1. are bhai kya hai sharukh mein he is religious living in India and giving bad remark about India ridiculous guy

      1. srk is bollywood king. he is indian. he loves india. when srk lost then bollywood is finished. all world bollywood movei is flop but srk Heis the best .

  16. srk is all time fav. i hope 100cr in 2 days……

  17. first day i think 45cr - best of luck SRK

  18. Super Break Record of PK DILWALE

  19. i think 40 cr in first day and 45 in second and 50 cr in 3rd day In sha allah

    1. I doubt it will even collect 25 crore in first day.

  20. I think the film is running because of varun dhavan he is the best and of course this film will not earn much
    because of the tough competition with a great film like bajirao mastani

  21. Dilwale might break Bajrangi bhaijan 626 cr but not Pk.

  22. Dilwale cant break bhajrangi bhaijan record because he begging in every advertise in TV to watch the movie i hope total worldwide collection around 450 cr

  23. 1 day 40 to 45 cr. .srk movie.

  24. Dilwale is gona gross 60cr on its opening day

  25. i think 1 rs.

  26. Insha Allah….Allah bless u with lot of success

  27. Break all the record

  28. I Think First Day Minimum 50 Cr Collation ___ Insaallah

  29. All the best

  30. 5 crore collection 1st day

  31. Boring movie bakwasssssssssssssss movie

    1. I love my india.

    2. Hell no it wasn’t boring as you think

  32. 3 rd class movi its 10 dayes collection aprox 30 cr

  33. I think Barun cross the 80 corrers/day

  34. Inshallah dilwale will cross all films

    1. Inshaallah dilwale will cross all films

  35. hi don’t watch at all srk is religious guy

  36. hi don’t watch at all srk is religious guy he is more religious prefer salman bhai no religious at all

    1. Srk all movies igonor it because that guy not indian if he indian so never told about ……..Our country we r make up

  37. Third Class Movie Of Third Class Actor.

    1. Wow really!!! if Srk is third class actor then how about you bro your Non as hell

  38. srk movie is the most beautiful movie i know this movie break the record of bajrangi bhaijaan movie this movie collect 1000 cr on the world

  39. srk bhai I love you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhjh.
    king khan dilwale going 1000 cr inshahallahh

  40. ithink 30 cr..

  41. Wahoooo…. First day income break the all movie record nice sarukh khan and his whole team

  42. Dilwale will collect 100 crore on opening day and make record like ddlj

  43. ummid krta hu sarukh khan aaj ki raat 100c pura kare dilwale movie me
    nice movie

  44. everybody here are the astrologers…if someone could forecast the fate of me..one movie only why…

  45. Shahrukh ki best film dilwale

  46. Don’t waste your money

    1. I agree with you

    2. Why??? is that your dad money 😂😂that your saying don’t waste your money””””Srk movie man!! 👍💕💁😱Can’t lose first day of his movie 😇❤️😗anyhow

  47. dont waste your money…

    1. Dear we r not wasting our money

  48. This move break all record’s of film history this is blockbaster movie and you all have to watch this movie

  49. I love Virvan Dawan…………………..its will Break the Record of PK…………AND …..BAJRANGI BIJJAN

  50. it’s to much boring movi

  51. Dilwale is the biggest movie after DDLJ.
    800 cr. worldwide..

    saddam malik

  52. 40 carore 1 day callection

  53. We love shahrukh khan the movie will b superb n entertaining in a very decent way. All the best !from Pakistan

  54. 53-75-3-28 प्लस 56 class movie showing patriotism of Indian people

  55. plz d’nt saw this movie..bcz srk sport to hafiz saed..and pak trriest

  56. Very bakwas movie don’t waste your money

  57. Think first dayy collection arround 25cr. Coz of screens takriban dono movie ko equal screens mili he. Go n watch Dilwale everyone or thdda bewakuf dosto ko samjhao jo virodh kar rahe he bhaiya tension na lo politics me bawasir ho jaegi bumchiks me.

  58. Ish baar sharukh ki movie k pta chal jaega weekendm kitna collection karegi 100 cr bhi nhi cross hoga

  59. Shafiul islam choudhury

    Dilwale 1st day collection will 50 aprx.

  60. Biggest hit’s of the year…love you “SHAH RUKH KHAN” sir.

  61. Renna g apki soch third class hair

  62. Faltu movis

  63. Break worldwide record.
    800cr.maked.king alltime king.m i right?

    1. I m srkian.i m the biggest fan of srk.

  64. 50cr maximum first day dilwale movie very Nice movie

  65. Dilwale breaking all record in bollywood

  66. Not break MSG 2 collection 445 crore #ROCKMSG2

  67. Shah rukh is best

  68. Dilwale is the bigggggges movi and i hope the movie will be gross 150 cr in 3 days

  69. Marvelllllllllous movie…… it will crack all records….. 100000 $

  70. very bad story…don’t watch..best of time n money

    1. why you watch it. it is the best movie in bollywood.

  71. dilwale is the best movie of the world.and 1st day income 50 cr. And total approx 700 cr. Something.

  72. Faltu movie 5 coror paar nahi hoga

  73. Really very good movie , every one can watch

  74. Nice move srk

  75. Nice. Movie zbbbbar dast

  76. Flop movie bakwas

  77. 400 carod fex hai bhai shahrukh is great great actres

  78. super flop movie

  79. King khan is king khan. His dilwale movie first day amount 50 cr (approx)

  80. 250 crod for 7 day only

  81. Chauhan the thakur sahab

    Bahubali inka sabka baap hai ye sale kya pic bana payenge Bas kuch chutiye hai Jo pagal hai

  82. Week end 150 CR…

  83. Sharukhan ka bakwas movie
    Mat dako bhai lago

    1. sabse achi movie 2015 ki bhai Jo nahi dekho ho ek bar dekh lo bhai bahut mast sharuk kajol super hit movie

  84. Week end earn 155 CR..

  85. According to the film I think Dilwale Will Collect About 100Cr in First Day

  86. Ghatiya movie ….ekdam faltu……

  87. Maine dekha nahin but acha hoga film

  88. if you think you are indian don’t see srk any movie

  89. Jo desh Ka nahi sochta hai wo hiro nahi jiro hai

  90. Aur add karo.
    Sab sale curupt hain. Usne to midia ko hhi kharid liya hoga.
    TRP jyada dikhane ke kiye.
    I request to All DESH PREMI.
    Pls don’t watch the movie.
    Ye Desh Drohi ke.

    1. Kitne bade desh bhakt ho ye batao desh ke liye keya kiya hai agar srk desh drohi hai to sachhi mahraaj & prachi sadhvi keya hai kabhi in logo ke bare me likha hai agar sachce deshbhakt hote likhte deshbhakti jaati dharam se nahi desh ki ekta & bhaichara jo todde vo desh ka dusman hai akele srk khan nahi baaki aur log bhi hai dheyan do plz.

  91. Dilwale have everyone intolerant in it bloddy bulshit movie can’t even think to see

  92. Dont watch dilwale it is bakwas r spennding money

  93. Varun is so good
    I love varun.

  94. रख तेरी दिलवाले हम नही देखने वाले
    Collection 10 cr. Last

  95. good hai. yar….bus end thoda. disterb tha…

  96. dilwale block baster movie 400 cr & 900 worldwide

  97. Waste of money movie

  98. Don’t waste ur money

  99. All the best king khan SRK

  100. Bajirav mastani rockstar movies

  101. Very nice pic..of dilwale…best coll..

  102. faltu movie hai booooooorriiiiiing….

  103. Bhaiyo aap ko itni akal hai to Hamare desh ki critics kis baat ki tankha leti he ha?? bakwas kiye ja rahe faltu ki…..kisi kisi ko actors ke names bhi thik se likhna nahi ata aur movie kitna chalegi ye predict kar rahe he…!!

  104. I Love U SRK
    U Win Always With My Prayers.

  105. Waist of money &time

  106. 1st day surely 55-60 cr…….

  107. srk.. rockssss…..

  108. Total collection 50 crore of ist day

  109. Allah apko kamyabi de bahut achi movie h dilwale dalla log kiyo aafya felata h yar bahut achhi movie h sharuk is king baliwood

  110. Sahrukh ki dilvale total busi 2000cr

  111. Salo film me vi politics karte ho…jo movie accha hai use vhi religion dekh kar bura bolte ho…sharm nhi ate…tum jaise ke bajah se desh me shanti nhi hai….itna himmat hai ki apne sar ki upar hat rakhke koi bol sakega ki dilwale movie boring hai….???dosto ya movie “”dilwale “”one of the best romantic,emotional,comedy action movie…go and watch…don’t think about…if u true movie lover….u will like the movie DILWALE

    1. Silva movie kitni bhi achi ho agr usme kam krne vale ko desh se pyar nhi he to vo kisi kam ki nhi….ye log he jo amir ,sharukh ne desh ke bare me etna bola to bhi movie dekh ne gye….jis thali me khate he usi me thukte he aese logo ko……aap smj gye hoge…

    2. Faltu very bad….dilwale

  112. SRK का बाप

    सुवार खान कि माँ कि चुत बाक्वॉश मूवी थी बहन के लण्ड मेरा पैसे उप्पिस दे नहीं तो आपनी माँ बहन बेटी ओर पत्नी को मेरा यहाँ भेज

  113. इसकी माँ कि चूत सुवार खान

  114. fst class top movie i really wasnt see this type of movie in my life

    i Love u sharukh bhai baas ek baar mere id mai login kr k ek call kr dena mai aapka bahut bada fan hu baas 1 min k liya

  115. one of the best movie of Bollywood is bajirao mastani….

  116. Sharuk khan my best friend your film dilwale is super hit

  117. 1st day collection around 50-60cr in India

  118. i think srk movie dilwale movie record 1000 rs world wide frist movie india god bless you my brother srk

  119. best movie thanks SRK may collect 45 cror on first day

  120. Hello ,dosto tum SRK se itna kyu jalte ho sabko pata h ki jo unhone bola tha uska kya matlab nikala ja raha h..tum sab hi ho kya sacche deshbhakt kisi or ko kyu ek baar apne aap ko khud ko dekho fhir bolo ye sab bade aaye deshbhakt tumne kiya hi kya h ish desh ke liye jo itna kood rahe ho…ye ek movie hi to h jisko nice lagi ok jisko nahi lagi wo bhi ok sabki apni apni pasand lekin tum log SRK ko kyu target bana rahe ho..post kar rahe ho ki bakwas movie h flop movie h tumne dekhi h kya jo itna bol rahe ho..h kya tum logo ki okat ish movie ko dekhne ki poket me 50 ka not bhi nahi h or ye log multiplex cinema me movie dekhkar aaye h so shut up all ok…

  121. Tum sab hi ho jo desh me dharam ke naam par ashanti fhaila rahe ho…kisi ki movie ko dharam se kyu tolte ho..

  122. Jitne chilla rahe ho subah se Google kar lo
    Ist day 48 crore earn kia h
    Love u Shahrukh

    Great performance u have done
    Really awesome movie
    Must watch movie

  123. Waste of time dilwale not nice

    1. Ye not nice movie of dilwale

  124. Superb movie…A complete family entertainer movie

  125. The first movie made me to watch till end. Great direction… Class action… First Class screen play… Ausom actors… Amazing story… Great Indian emotion… Above all unforgettable comedy… Talented supporting team… Looking forward for this type of movies… Thanks for taking Indian cinema to another level… I can say this movie as movie of century…
    Proud to be Indian…

  126. Life time collection of dilwale will be around 170

  127. SRK is best 300cr Surely done nd Kmino SRK ki best because SRK ki wajah se bollywood movie india k bahar chlne lagi h
    I love SRK all movie


  129. 80 cror 1st day

  130. Thanks to #Rohit_Shetty he makes a awesome successful movie in the ending of the year…we make feel pride for the important character of the movie is @imsrk…He is king ever …Love ❤ SRK love ❤ the team #Dilawale

  131. Jo v hai salman se Acha h and srk ka koi v movie 1st class hi hota hai

  132. kya be chutiye hit flop kar rahe tum log

  133. Dilwale Dilwale Name ma Dam ha
    Nice Movie Of our India

  134. Nice story and awsom proposed to varun dhawam from kriti sanon

  135. Bigest movie of 2015..i love u srk..bollywood king..

  136. Hindu bhai yo he unse me etna hi kahna chata hu aap log iski movie dekhne hi kyu gye ye AMIR KHAN,SHAHRUKH hmare desh ke bare me jesa aaye vesa bolte jate he or hum usko hi mahan bnate jate kya agr hum uski film nhi dekhe ge to nhi chalega jise hindustan se pyar hum me bhi unse hi pyar he fir wo kisi bhi dharm ka kyo na ho hindustan me se 1 pak. Bna kashmir hindustan me hote huye bhi hindu ki koy nhi or wo ovesi jesa chahe wesa bolta he koy uska kush nhi ukhad skta….so please aap india me rah rhe ho to india ki respect kro
    …..jay hind

  137. dabba movie not watch it money weste

  138. south movies was coming khans records break


  140. shahrukh bhai best of luck dua krunga apki movie 2015 ki best movie ho


  142. Bakwas movie..and dil na dimang….senseless copy cat action scenes…

  143. Dillwale World Record 1000 Crore

  144. Dont forget prabhas yar he is there to break the records of khans in 2016 that is our darling rebel star prabhas

  145. super hitttttttttt

  146. i thought there was nothing special or magical….in fact was v predictable story and both kajol n shahrukh look old and just cant feel that charm butthats just my opinion…i never understand how movies like this become big hits

  147. Dhansu movie hai bhai

  148. bhai ki film super hit hai

  149. Flop of the all time, bakwas movie, go irritated like anything. Super flop

  150. Super floooooooooooppppp

    1. Fuck all who are against SRK

  151. sarukh is now old man

  152. movie it was a fantastic srk is real king of bollywood kajal great roll in movie suparb movie 100 crore 1 day collection smashd movie

  153. dilwale is super hit movie of this year…….

  154. ek damm bakwas he bajirao super hit


    1. Dilwale is a big movis
      Super hitttttt………………

  156. puri bogas 200cr bhi nahi cama payegi kyunki jinke dil hai kale wahi.dekehenge dilwaley bhai hum to bajirao wale

  157. hum dilwale h hit kra kr rhege

  158. मोहम्मद वसीम रजा

    Super Duper hit movie 🎬 is DILWALE bajiraw mastani is a boring movie

  159. Super hit hoga yeh movie aur kamai bhi 300 crore+ jayega.movie kaise bhi ho.lekin yeh S.R.K and Kajol ke name se hit karegi

  160. flop …boring ….no intertanment…

    bkvasss totly

  161. super duper floop movie of this year he becomes a kela award srk was a super duper boring actors plese don’t see this movie

  162. It will surely break all the records forever.love U king khan U R the main reason for success of dilwale.we r always with U

  163. nice movie ilove srk

  164. SRK is badsaah as well as “baap ” of Bollywood

    1. Baap hoga tera….

  165. Best movi of this year

  166. Dilwale is the awesome movie that I have seen in my life

  167. jam nasir from pakista

    i love sharukh meet me any time im am fine of SRK . it is big hit

  168. India ka sabse bada gandu actor srk hai
    is gandu ki movie maine abhi tak TV pe bhi dekhi nahi hai to cinema hall me jaane ka sawal hi paida nahi hota
    pakistani sala
    boycot dilwale & srk

  169. Hit..Dilwale..Must Watch It..

  170. Bhai log record break ho na chahya first day ka ….ok….Really such a good movie …….Thanks.


  171. Srk is great

  172. Varun was hot. Such a fab movie. Every one has to see it. Varun ki comedy. Varun love u..

  173. Nice movi h dosto jo bhi ho raha h sab srk ke kilaf vo galat h usne apni baat rakhi h bas falti yahi h ki vo musalman h …dosto sab kuch gile sikve chodo movi dekho sara gussa dhanda ho jayega

  174. gandu budject recover kar le kafi hai

  175. Sharukh is the best. Or keya ?

  176. SRK bhai is ALWAYS RIGHT

  177. Tujhe cinema bujna ati hain#rahul

  178. i think i hope it will be superhit

  179. Thanks srk and rohit for represent such a superb film

  180. NO STORY….

  181. Dilwale flop

  182. Jin logon ne is kutte ki movie dekhi hai , wo sabhi deshdrohi hain.

  183. so go in bedroom n sleep then in dream

  184. Ples don’t listen to haters.
    This Film is perfect combination of love, action and comedy with nice music in one package.
    Even in UK the film is second highest behind Star wars.
    So who saying this film flop or bakwas are just fools.

  185. Average, good but not best.story is not extraordinary we are expecting more than that from the team of dilwale.

  186. Best film ever nice Srk sir you are great

  187. Best film in 2015 Srk sir you are great

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  189. ye muslim hi uska support karenge chahe wo muh se kuch v hagta rahe

  190. Mai srk ka bahut bada fine hoo jo sale srk ke
    Baare mei kuch bhi bolte ho saale soch kar bola kar kyunki agar koi mere samne aakar srk ke baare mei kuch ganda bola uski mai jaan le lunga abe saale phone pe kyu bolte ho dum hai to address de raha hoo pahunch ke mere samne srk ke baare mei kuch bol Dilwale
    To hit hai hi .kutte hamesha bhukte huwe achhe lagte hai.Mere Address
    Address .village Fatehpur p/s Fatehpur jila Gaya(Bihar)

  191. Dikwale ne sach ne Dil jeeliya

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    bcoz srk king of bollywood…
    without srk bollywood is nothing….
    and dilwale blockbuster movie so other movie never beat them….

    1. Har kutta yhi sochta h uski dum kbhi right hogi but esa kbhi nhi hoga

  193. Dilwale ekdum Bogas movie he
    Sharukh kan ekdum buddha ho gaya he
    wo ab aise role achchhe se nahi kar pata to kyu humara paisa aur time bigadta he…?
    last quality acting both sharukh and kajol..

    Bhangaar Movie he Dilwale….

    1. Itne joote macaroons na pehle voh kitni mehnat karta hain 😤😤😤

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  197. Kajol my favorite heroine

  198. Flop movie hai

  199. I think that Dilwale income 1000 cr. And get film of the year.

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    Ek lip to lip kis karne ka man kar raha he he!!!!

  201. Super hit…best #Rohit + SRK = Bomblast…

  202. Dilwale… Biggest Blockbuster’s Movies, Of The Year, 2015

    1. Bajrangi bhaijaan film of the year and is best

  203. Story is complex but interesting…..

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    related of dilwale dulhaniya lajayanga

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  212. Bakers movie

  213. A Combination of Romance, Action and Comedy.
    A must watch movie.

  214. जीजा जी

    वह क्या film है सुपर हिट फ़िल्म 10000 करोड़ कमाएगा

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