Mobile Network Not Available Error Fixed For Android Smartphones

Mobile Network Not Available Error Fixed For Android Smartphones: There can be several reasons for this issue ‘mobile network is not available’. This issues can become nightmare when you are in emergency situation and all of a sudden your mobile network goes to emergency. This issue mainly occurs because of damage sim cards, outdated firmware, Over heating of device or change in setting of device. In this article, we have come out with possible solution of this issue.

First make sure if the airplane mode is off in your phone and if the phone is in roaming. You can check it by going to settings > Mobile networks.

Mobile Network Not Available Error (Fixed)

mobile network error

Method 1:
You need to select the network operator manually in the first step. If you have a Samsung Galaxy you can do this by going to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile network > Network operator and select it manually.
If the phone is facing poor signal issue, this solution can fix the problem.

Method 2:
Sometimes if you change the phone battery, it can solve mobile network not available error. Also this problem occurs when there is extreme heat generated by the damaged battery.

Method 3:
One other method is updating the firmware that can help you to get rid of the problem. Samsung Galaxy phone users then move to settings > About device > software update > check for update and updates all the firmware. Many times the updated versions of the software remove all the errors that you face in the older version.

Method 4:

For blackberry phone users, installing a new android battery saver can solve mobile network not available errors . This problem occurs when blackberry forgets to include any settings for runtime.

First you need to install an android battery saver / juice defender / or a battery long-live app.
Next in this app turn off the mobile network and then enable the battery saver.
Then re-enable the mobile network and when everything is done remove or uninstall the battery saver app from your phone.
This will solve the error most probably.

Method 5:
The last step to perform is a factory reset on your android device. For Samsung Galaxy users, this is done by going to settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data reset. This option will delete all the applications and programs but it is able to solve any kind of issues faced in android phone.

Updated: December 5, 2015 — 1:45 am

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